Who am I?

The epiphany struck while I was going through my notes for my second GMAT attempt. Last minute revision made me realise that I have been avoiding my true calling of being a photographer. Also, if I were really “smart”, I would have already cleared the exam on the first attempt. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t mind the hours one has to put in during and after receiving an MBA degree. I simply wanted to put that time in exploring the world in its magnanimous glory through a viewfinder.

Yes, I am the stereotype for ditching the MBA bucket and following one's heart. And frankly, I don’t regret it one bit. Oh, and the stereotype continues, as my parents did need a hell lot of convincing.

Eventually, we came to a consensus where I could pursue photography, but I also had to get a degree in Marketing. This resulted in me spending a fantastic year at the Hallmark Institute of Photography after which I did receive an MSc. in Marketing (much to my parents’ heart’s content).

I wrote this ballad about myself is because every time I work on a project, it's not only the creativity that comes to the table. It tags along the understanding of the brand, the target audience and the message it seeks to deliver.

So why don’t we sit and work on this together, one frame at a time? I may be a typecast, but I guarantee my photographs are not. I am eagerly waiting to sit with you, create great work and make you have fantastic coffee (did I brag about my excellent skills as a barista? Well, you really are in for a treat!)